Symantec Ghost Boot CD Full Free

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Symantec Ghost Boot CD

Previously, computer technicians were very dependent on using software called Norton Ghost or now its name is Symantec Ghost, but over time and technology, many similar and similar software or more complete because they are guided by the Windows Live CD, which is now rather slowly starting to leave this software. But for those of you who want to stick to the unique features of the Symantec Ghost Boot CD, you can download the latest version below.

Symantec Ghost Boot CD This is the latest software that serves to backup and restore the operating system from one computer to be installed on another computer so that the time needed is relatively short, because we only restore the operating system along with installed software that restored to a new computer so you don’t have to reinstall everything which takes up a lot of time.

You can also use the latest Symantec Ghost Boot CD full version and this full version as a backup of your personal or family computer operating system and restore it later on when windows on your computer has a problem.

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Symantec Ghost Boot CD 12 Features

  • The software features advanced features such as incremental backup, scheduled backups and triggered backups to help optimally protect the data stored on your computer system.
  • Ghost features a LightsOut Restore feature that allows you to restore a system via on-disk software. This facilitates restoration without the need for a bootable CD. You’ll also be able to create a virtual disk image, compatible with VMWare and Microsoft formats, from a recovery image.

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